Product Overview: DXMark

In addition to our expert team that brings decades of lending experience to the table, DebtX Analytics also offers a series of exclusive solutions to our clients that give them a strategic advantage over the competition. One of these is DXMark, which in its simplest definition, is a market-based valuation service for CRE, Consumer, C&I, and Residential loan portfolios.

How does DXMark work?

As the industry’s first scalable valuations solution for loan portfolios based on actual secondary market transactions, DXMark provides objective, data-driven and reliable loan valuations. The real-world data used to inform DXMark is updated every month so our clients always receive relevant reporting. 


What are the key features of DXMark?

DXMark models incorporate actual secondary market loan sale data as well as new originations and is supplemented by professional oversight and review from our team. The solution is:

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What can you expect with DXMark?

This fully audited service is used primarily by DebtX Analytics clients with large portfolios that require daily, monthly or quarterly pricing. When you invest in this solution, you will be able to:

As with any of our solutions, our team is with you every step of the way. We understand the industry and work to help you confidently make decisions that will protect your portfolio in uncertain times and drive growth when the market improves. With our services, you will be armed with data and ready for whatever comes your institution’s way.

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